Paving Slabs Types And Their Benefits And Drawbacks

Paving Slabs Types And Their Benefits And Drawbacks

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A Paving Slab refers to a straight section of rock that’s applied for paving. It can be used for covering driveways, and patios on paths leading through the lawn; at car parking lots and park areas; and even on city squares; and around pharmacies, shops, office and administrative buildings, and other sites.

Types Of Paving Slabs 

There are several types of paving slabs. However, there are seven of them that are a shade better than the rest. Here are seven of such paving slabs with their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Slate Paving Slab

For centuries, slate was used successfully as a building stone. Its success revolved around its streamlined nature which made it easy to cleave and work. This in turn also made it a perfect choice for paving, roofing, and walling. A natural stone with a distinctive appearance, slate is a metamorphic rock with a layered structure. On the other hand, limestone and sandstone are sedimentary rocks composed of grains.

The ability of slate paving slabs to capture the timeless beauty and character of a bygone age in its entire splendor, sets it apart from other paving slabs. Aside from this, when the earth’s crust movement encounters pressure, the minerals in slate paving slabs get compressed into equivalent layers leaving in its wake uniform sheets.


  • Colors stay vibrant and long-lasting. They do not diminish as easily as paving bricks or limestone.  
  • Amazing texture with color tone.
  • Extremely sturdy and water-resistant with a low-absorption rate. This allows it to resist water damage.
  • Easy to clean. All that is required is a scrub with soapy water once in a year.


  • Not easy and simple to design. 
  • Not easy to install. At times, installation can be extremely challenging.
  • Extremely vulnerable if the climate is not perfect. As a result, the sheet can drop out; and the layers can come off.
  • Requires proper handling frequently. It is prone to wetness which makes it vulnerable to extreme humidity.

Slate paving slabs are most suitable for creating a beautiful and elegant rural garden patio. They can be enjoyed for years to come as the slabs are strong and long-lasting.

2. Internal Porcelain

A kitchen is a delicate place. After all, it is a place where you prepare all types of food. Hence, it needs to be durable, elegant, and cost-effective. Now, if you’re redoing your kitchen’s look then your choice of paving slab material should be internal porcelain.

What makes internal porcelain a good choice is it creates a buzz for all the right reasons. It absorbs less water and yet manages to retain its luster and gloss. This makes it especially suitable for application in regions known for temperature swings. 


  • Attractive in look and appearance. It can appear in varied diagrams and fields.
  • Extremely durable and elegant. Even if overused on a consistent basis, it can retain its sturdiness and gloss.
  • Long lasting. It can withstand even the most extreme of pressure, making it ideal for places where the temperatures are relatively high.
  • Strong wear and tear resistance. It can resist even the most extreme of wear and tear.
  • Easy and simple to care for and maintain. This is attributed to its long-lasting quality.
  • Can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • Available in wide variety in attractive colors, designs, and styles. This makes it visually appealing and a favored choice over regular ceramic tiles.


  • Difficult and tricky to install.
  • Hard to construct.
  • Bulky in weight. This makes it a rather unfavorable choice.
  • Cost more than standard slate paving slabs.

Aside from kitchens, internal porcelain is also widely used on pool decks and other moist surfaces. However, it is not suitable for driveways in places with weather that is harsh; like places with snowfall.

3. Indian Sandstone Paving

One of the most accessible types of paving slabs, Indian Sandstone Paving, a natural product, is renowned for its unique presentation of colors and finishes; and ability to stay durable for a long period and work as both a traditional and contemporary sandstone paving slab. These are the reasons why it is a favorable choice in the world of landscaping.

In Indian sandstone, the silicon molecules are densely packed together. This allows it to stay long-lasting and guarantee sound performance with the ability to absorb water with comparative ease.


  • Easy and simple to cut and slice.
  • Extremely long-lasting and sturdy. 
  • Water and frost resistant. As a result, it can look great for a long time.
  • Easy and simple to wash.
  • Easily adjusts and adapts to rains and harsh weather. 
  • Requires minimal of maintenance. It can even go without maintenance for years to come. If interested in maintenance, then use a pressure washer without risking damage to the color or finish of the slabs.
  • Available in many colors, styles, finishes, and designs.


  • Prone to develop stains over a period of time. Aside from this, blotches can appear occasionally.
  • Prone to lose its luster and vibrancy if the climate is unfavorable. As a result, the slabs can eventually fade.
  • Surface can get harsh at times.

Whatever is your choice of color, and size of texture, Indian sandstone adds a sophisticated and modern, and at the same time, a rustic look to any space, indoor or outdoor. If properly installed, Indian sandstone paving won’t get damaged or destroyed over time. No wonder, it is a material of choice around the globe including in the competitive markets of the UK and the USA.

4. Granite Paving Slabs

It is well known that granite is the second hardest natural stone after diamond. This is the reason why it was used for several architectural constructions worldwide for several centuries. 

If you want a paving slab that can withstand even the most intense and massive of pedestrian traffic, then Granite Paving Slab should be your choice. What makes it such a favorable choice is it is native and not natural. Aside from this, it is lasts for long and can absorb water with comparative ease without losing its vibrancy and strength. As one of the few natural paving slabs with exceptional hardness, granite paving slabs are suitable for precise cutting.


  • Extremely sturdy and strong. This gives it the ability to manage and withstand even the most intense of foot traffic.
  • Impermeable with a non-porous nature. This means no amount of water can harm its surface.
  • Extremely dust resistant. So cleaning it is a simple process.
  • Excellent weather resistance capabilities. This gives it exceptional durability.
  • Can withstand acids and chemicals
  • Can appear in many types of color.
  • Available in many colors and designs. This makes it a suitable choice for any interior or exterior house décor.


  • Not easy to cut and slice. This is attributed to its extreme hardness.
  • Installation can be difficult. It will require a lot of work and time.
  • Extremely weighty. So designing it can be more labor pricey.

Thanks to their robust hardness and impressive quality, granite paving slabs are used extensively in projects that demands aesthetical beauty and solid durability.

5. Limestone Paving Slabs

If you’re planning garden paving, then limestone paving slabs should be your choice.

Limestone paving slabs are not only quality paving products but are also affordable and extremely cost-efficient. Additionally, they are durable and can last for a long time. In short, they tick almost all the boxes for the finest paving slabs in the market today.

In many ways, limestone paving slabs are quite similar to Indian sandstone paving slabs except for the fact that in Indian sandstone paving slabs, the compound mix comprises of lime and silicon. They both are aesthetically pleasing in look and appearance; durable and strong; and available in a wide variety of choices.


  • Very simple to slot, cut and work with.
  • Attractive in appearance with the ability to produce gorgeous textures in different unique and vibrant colors.
  • Can produce fine surface roughness with a soft-disappearing finish.
  • Extremely durable and tolerant to different weather conditions.
  • Extremely water and weather-resistant. This makes them easy to care for.
  • Long lasting with the ability to resist the vagaries of different weather conditions.


  • Prone to loss of color over time. The color may diminish and fade slowly.
  • Presence of calcium can cause acid exposure leading to damage.
  • Requires proper handling else if not cared for safely can become troublesome.

Although, limestone paving slabs offers a wide diversity of choices, their worth is comparatively less when compared to Indian stone paving slabs. 

They can however be ordered in almost any size and shape. This aspect along with their naturally occurring patterns makes them ideal for creating unique flooring options outdoors. Today, they are extensively used in the construction of driveways including block paving driveways; floors indoors as well as outdoors; garden pathways; patios; sidewalks; and walkways. Additionally, their natural appearance makes them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, etc, in homes, as well.

6. Black Paving Slabs

If you like the color ‘BLACK’ for your outdoor space or surface, then Black Paving Slabs will be a suitable choice.

A subtype of limestone paving slabs, Black Paving Slabs is gaining in popularity with each passing day. Many experts term them as a stylish solution that is durable enough to withstand the tough rigors of outdoor use.

Their ability to deliver a bold, stunning finish to any minimal or modern patio space makes them an attractive choice. They also add a classy and luxurious feel and touch to garden paving.


  • Extremely durable. They can retain their color for long periods despite the vagaries of environmental effects.
  • Ability to endure tough weather conditions. Additionally, they absorb less amounts of water.
  • Attractive in appearance and look; and soothing to the eyes. They give a good design statement.
  • Can complete any kind of palette. Their dark color tone can gel with almost any other color of the exterior paved space.
  • Available in a wide range of textures.


  • Prone to loss of color over a period of time. The color tone can diminish, if the slabs are not cared for properly.
  • Vulnerable to acid damage. 

Thanks to their attractive appearance and durability, black paving slabs make for a suitable choice for both garden paving pathways and long-lasting patios.

7. Eco-Paving Slabs

Looking for a suitable slab that is environmentally friendly for garden paving or block paving driveway? If so, then look no further than Eco-Friendly Slabs. Eco-friendly slabs imbibe in them the attributes of native rock. Additionally, their mix of fine and rough surface and precise edges makes them sustainable. Designed to look like authentic natural stone, they make for a suitable choice for traditional and garden aesthetics.

When used for block paving driveway, they prevent the public drainage systems from flooding. Their ability to filter rainwater naturally through the driveway and into a sub-base beautifully supplements the groundwater and relieves the sewage system.


  • Extremely eco-friendly, they sync very well with nature.
  • Quick to recover their gloss after a spell of adverse weather conditions.


  • Not exactly long-lasting in different climatic conditions.
  • Somewhat of a rare category of slabs. They are not easy to find in stores.


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