How to choose The Right Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture 

A Guide To Choosing The Right Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture

If you are considering buying teak outdoor furniture, there are several things you must know to make an informed decision for your backyard design, wallet, as well as the environment. The quality of the teak you buy will significantly impact your furniture’s durability, cost, and overall look. The best quality teak is naturally long-lasting, which makes it the best material for lasting outdoor furniture. When you look around for teak patio furniture or outdoor dining furniture, there are various factors such as your personal style, budget, how you plan on caring for your furniture, and the environment you live in that will affect the life of your teak, and whether it is the right material for your requirements or not. In this article, we, at JH & Co., bring to you the ultimate guide to buying teak furniture for your outdoor patio area.

Choose The Right Patio Furniture

Hanging around and relaxing used to take place inside homes. Sure, you had to maintain a little bit of landscaping and mow your lawn for curb appeal, but it was mainly for aesthetics. However, nowadays, the increasing in-outdoor lifestyle has moved more activity outside, thereby giving homeowners the opportunity to up the value of their property by making their outdoor spaces more aesthetically pleasing. 

Exterior patio design is somewhat similar to interior decorating, however, you need to consider additional factors.

Usage And function.

The first thing you should consider is how you want to use your outdoor patio furniture. Are you planning to host barbeques and have your guests seated at a patio dining set with a dining table and armchairs? Or are you planning to hang out with friends and family on comfortable lounge chairs with a coffee table for drinks and cocktail hour with snacks? Or maybe you just want to soak in the Vitamin D on a leisurely sunny day with a cool drink by your side. No matter the purpose, the best idea would be to begin your planning with a list of what you want to do in your outdoor space. Determine what pieces of furniture you may need and how many people you want to accommodate.

What Your Outdoor Area Is Like

Type Of Space

You need to evaluate the space you are planning to furnish. Are you equipping a hardwood deck, poolside, patio, or garden? All these outdoor spaces have their own particular set of characteristics to consider when deciding on what outdoor furnishings you need to purchase and what features are necessary. For instance, the uneven ground may call for self-leveling table legs. Similarly, swimming pools require quick-drying cushions.

  • A standard patio would be perfect for outdoor dining, barbecuing, or lounging
  • Side tables, sunloungers, and umbrellas are essential items for a poolside
  • Decks are elegant hardwood alternatives to concrete patio, but you must be careful with open flame fire pits.
  • Decorative benches add an elegant finishing touch for a well-manicured garden design
  • Laid-back lounge seating is excellent for watching the sunset from a screened-in or wrap-around porch

Surrounding Area

One of the essential steps in landscape patio design planning is to keep in mind the conditions and reality of the building and land area. Are there any restrictions that you have to account for or modify? You must be apprehensive of where the sun is positioned relative to your outdoor seating, along with the strength and direction of the wind. Is your space below an overhang, nestled among trees, or covered by a pergola? People usually have a screened-in porch indoors, while your deck may be exposed or shaded partially by trees. Protection of your furnishings as well as yourself from the harsh UV rays is crucial if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Surrounding hedges and fences also have an impact on the security, feeling of space, and seclusion. 

Flow And Dimension

Another vital thing you need to do before buying outdoor teak furniture is to measure your space. Nobody would want to order the perfect sectional couch only to find out later that it is too large for your space after it is delivered. Make sure to think about the usable area, traffic flow, shape, and not just the precise measurement from point A to point B. If your space is oddly-shaped, you can go for smaller pieces of furniture. We recommend you buy a couple of bistro tables and barstools to accommodate the same number of people as a large dining set. 

You also need to think three-dimensionally. You may have to put in a little imagination and picture what it would be like to sit in a particular spot. How much space do you need to stand up and move around? You may be able to fit a few pieces of furniture in your space but can you function freely without worrying about bumping into something and bruising yourself? 

End Note

Choosing the right teak patio furniture to implement your dream patio design can be a little challenging, however, we are certain that with the tips in this blog, you will now be able to make the right decision. At JH & Co., we offer the best outdoor design services for residential and commercial purposes to ensure the perfect landscape installation you have always wanted. Get in touch with us today and discuss your requirements with our immensely talented and experienced patio design contractors to have a breathtaking outdoor space that your guests will never want to leave.

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