Sandstone Vs Limestone Garden Paving

Sandstone Vs Limestone Garden Paving - Which One Is The Best?

Limestone and sandstone are the most popular building materials for driveway and garden paving. The best part about these materials is that they give you a lot of worth for your money. In fact, they are the most preferred natural stones for paving across the world. The rejuvenating ambiance they develop with their striking hues makes them a universal choice for patios, driveways, or gardens. You can choose either of these stones to achieve similar looks. Truth be told, they are usually confused with one another. However, if we were to really calculate, we will understand that when it comes to Indian stone, limestone is just about an edge over sandstone, being only a little cheaper. Of course, prices usually differ based on the types of stone you buy. For instance, Kota Black Limestone is one of the most pocket-friendly options out there and is also immensely popular because of its rather neutral colour. In this article, we, at JH & Co., have brought to you the ultimate guide to understanding the basic differences between limestone and sandstone.

Differences Between Limestone And Sandstone

1. Best-Suited For The Weather In The UK

Both sandstone as well as limestone as perfectly suited to take on the winter in the UK. They do not absorb a lot of water, hence, they perform well even in the rainiest regions of the country such as the Scottish Highlands or the Lake District. Nevertheless, some softer sandstones such as Mint Fossil Indian sandstone is rather porous as opposed to the denser shades such as Kandla Grey. So, you may have to tend to it a little more often. A clean-up every now and then or applying sealant will work best for you. It is also to be noted that all types of limestone need to be sealed anyway. So, it is not like you would have to seal one of the softer sandstones. Limestone certainly edges sandstone, however, only if you are comparing it with a softer sandstone, as it is a little less porous. 

2. Durability And Sturdiness

Both sandstone and limestone are sturdy enough to deal with vehicles rolling across them, given the surfacing is done correctly. However, if you are looking for an option that does not require a lot of maintenance, then limestone is the material for you. For your exterior as well as interior, limestone is definitely the best paving stone if you want something quick and easy to care for. On the other hand, sandstone is usually softer than limestone or any other type of rock, so it is certainly more prone to denting or scratching. You may want to avoid this to maintain your flooring for longer in the case of interior use. In addition, if you have children or elderly people in your house, you should definitely avoid highly polished sandstone. Even though it may look extravagant and classic, it can be extremely slippery, mainly in wet conditions. 

Both materials are quite low maintenance but you need to take some care of them. As long as you do not use salt to de-ice your limestone garden paving and clean it every now and then, it can stay for a long time.

3. Range Of Options

There is no question that limestone is available in plenty of stunning natural colours including Tandur Yellow limestone, Kota Blue, and Kota Black. You are sure to find some type of limestone that will fit perfectly with your landscaping goals. 

Nonetheless, sandstone is all the more endowed with endless beautiful natural variants such as Raj Green, Autumn Brown, Kandla Grey, Cotswold Yellow, and Mint Fossil. We suggest you check and see how the stone you select looks when it is wet. Some may look even better after heavy rain as the colours tend to intensify in the wet, and can even brighten up your space on a gloomy day. Therefore, in this category, we give the edge to sandstone.

4. Appearance

In the aspect of appearance, limestone, and sandstone are poles apart. To begin with, limestone tends to be smoother and flatter as opposed to sandstone thereby making for an excellent interior stone flooring option as well as for driveways. It also tends to have a rather rough feel. With a little orange-peel texture and with a natural split surface, it gives the flooring plenty of grip. 

On the other hand, sandstone has an uneven layer surface and has a rippled feeling. But with a shot blast technique, you can make it feel more finely grained just like limestone. Shot blasting has the additional benefit of giving sandstone even more grip and slip resistance underfoot. All in all, sandstone has more textural options to pick from, including smooth as well as rough textures. The choice is yours.

5. Versatility

Both sandstone, as well as limestone, can be cut and shaped into pieces quite easily, so neither of them is costly to install whichever way you want them. Both of them are water-resistant, strong, and come in plenty of different colours as well as finishes. They are the natural materials of the Earth, occurring in mountains and seabeds naturally, so you are certain to find any type of sandstone or limestone that will appear natural and fit into your landscape designing ideas.

In fact, sandstone may have the edge if you are planning to renovate your garden path, patio, or indoor living space. Since there are so many options to choose from, you are sure to make stunning sandstone circles that would act as focal points in your garden. 

However, if it is the clean, sleek look that you are looking for, sandstone is not the material for you unless you are planning to opt for sawn sandstone. No two sandstone slabs look the same. On the other hand, limestone slabs look very similar, thereby making for the perfect choice for external as well as internal applications. 

Bottom Line

Now we can say that both sandstone as well as limestone are excellent choices depending on their usage. Although limestone is a little cheaper, you have myriads of options to choose from in sandstone. Now let’s discuss your paving service options. JH & Co. is certainly the place to be if you are looking for the best paving contractors in the UK who offer the best paving services. So, get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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