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Landscaping Service Types

If you need to update an existing garden or start from scratch, We create outdoor spaces you love. We have the expertise and experience you need to make your next landscaping project a complete success.

In case you need to update an existing garden or you’re starting from scratch, we will develop a design brief that best suits your needs and lifestyle and compliments the style and feel of your home.

Why Choose Our Landscaping Services?

Are you looking for ways to make your backyard or garden look stunning on your block, but don’t know where to begin? Are you planning to create a pleasant outdoor space for recreational activities with your family? Well, if the answer is yes, then JH & Co has the right solutions for you. 

We offer impeccable landscaping services by the best brickwork contractors who are there to make sure to execute the vision you have for your outdoor area. You can share your ideas with them, and they are sure to implement those ideas to give your space a stunning look. 

We are here to enhance the overall appearance of your property. One of the primary functions of our services is to work on the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Not only will it make your home look appealing, but it is also going to make an excellent place for you to relax with your family and friends, sipping cocktails on your patio. 

Our landscaping services usually focus on the unique characteristics of every space as well as the home it is adjoined with. By taking good care of your land, we will help you avoid any possible dangerous situation like diseased trees falling on your property and allergen-producing plants getting into contact with you and your family. 

So, contact us today and we will provide the best landscaping services by implementing your vision into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The best time to get started with landscaping and planting trees, perennials, and shrubs is in the months of April and May. The springtime of the year will give your plants a chance to grow and acclimate during fall and summer. Nevertheless, the next best time for hiring landscape installation services is the fall. Make sure to avoid winter months because of the potential freezing of the ground.

Ans. The landscaping costs differ significantly for basic and intermediate landscaping services. An entire makeover that includes landscaping design and the remodeling will naturally cost more. Basic and intermediate landscape installation services typically include planting flowers or grass, thatching, and lawn care. Get in touch with JH & Co. for accurate pricing.

Ans. Magnificent landscaping is truly an essential investment as it significantly increases the value of your home. After all, who does not appreciate a well-illuminated and landscaped home as compared to your neighbor’s home that lacks beautiful landscape gardens?

Ans. Hardscape usually refers to the hard, non-living elements that are present in your yard. These elements may include:

  1. Walkways
  2. Patios
  3. Pergolas
  4. Water features
  5. Decks
  6. Gazebos
  7. Outdoor kitchens
  8. Driveways
  9. Gravel
  10. Retaining walls
  11. Fire features
  12. Landscape rocks

Hardscape can either be man-made or natural materials but it always comprises inanimate objects

Softscape typically refers to the living elements in your yard. This category may include plant trees, showers, shrubbery, ground cover, succulents, and vegetable garden.

Softscape will soften oyur outdoor space by breaking up the hardscape elements, adding beauty, color, and nature to your outdoor area.

When you are planning your outdoor space, you would want to strive for a perfect balance of both softscape and hardscape. When they both come together, they can develop an environment that will feel welcoming and united.

Ans. Pavers are the most appreciated and common option if you want to add visual appeal to your home and add value to it. Pavers are available in a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and textures. This allows you to match them to your personal style and the surroundings of your home.

Poured concrete, on the other hand, can get hideous cracks caused by soil movement, and concrete does not offer the same aesthetic appeal that pavers do. Pavers are durable, extremely sturdy, low maintenance, the best value for money, easily repairable, and do not crack.

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Joe and Will provided a competitive quote and turned up on time everyday and did a very good job on our new driveway and repointing the patio. They worked hard every day and were polite and cleaned up after the work was done. Would certainly recommend them to anyone considering a new driveway or patio etc.


We used Joe and his team for our block paved driveway and cannot recommend them highly enough. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the excellent work carried out by Jo, Will and Daryl of JH Brickwork services. Jo is extremely friendly, professional and honest in his work. 


The work was completed to an excellent standard. Joe was helpful and honest in his appraisal of what was needed and how much it would cost. Work was completed quickly and with the minimum of disruption. Very pleased with the end product. Would have no hesitation in recommending J H Brickworks.



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