Tips for an Idyllic Outdoor Space

How to Build the Perfect Patio Tips for an Idyllic Outdoor Space

There are a plethora of things to consider when you plan to create your perfect outdoor patio. You have to think about how you will use your outdoor space, the kind of paving you will use, your budget, the ideal furniture to fit the outdoor space, unexpected additional costs, and so on. The summer is upon us and now is the time to start planning how to create an idyllic outdoor space.

Garden decks and patios are the perfect way to enjoy the warmer months, and with the help of several simple tips, you can definitely build an idyllic outdoor deck or patio that you and your family will certainly enjoy. In this blog, we, at JH & Co., have brought to you everything you need to know about creating the perfect outdoor patio.

Simple Tips For Building Your Perfect Outdoor Patio

1. Choose A Theme

Pick out your color palette and style before starting with a cohesive design. You can try out a fresh contemporary look with a pattern of smooth diamond-shaped pavers and warm greys and beige. Include a rustic aesthetic with warm brown cobblestones and wood-effect slabs. You can also go with veined sandy-colored pavers, white hydrangeas, and box hedges for a modern-inspired look. The more you customize your outdoor patio, the more you will enjoy using it.

2. Plan Out The Location And Size Of Your Outdoor Space

The most important step to build your dream outdoor space is to plan the location and size. If you have a huge Outdoor space, you can plan on building a spacious outdoor patio that can accommodate a lounge area, a dining table, etc. On the other hand, however, if your outdoor space is rather small, you can build a garden deck or a patio by going for furniture that is in proportion to the size of your Outdoor space. When it comes to the location, it is necessary to pick a spot that gets sufficient sunlight during the day.

By doing this, you will be able to make sure that your outdoor patio is comfortable even during the hot summer days. Another aspect that you need to consider when you plan the location and size of your patio is privacy. If your house is located in a busy neighborhood, you must consider building a secluded patio area that is shielded from the view. You can achieve this setting by installing privacy screens or planting tall hedges.

3. Integrate Fire And Water Features

Keep your patio warm during winters with fire features to extend your time outdoors. You can install a fireplace near seating for cozy gatherings. Water features work as calming focal points, so you may want to consider that as well. Opt for a pondless waterfall that spills into a well that is covered with gravel so that there is no still water that you will have to clean later.

4. Include A Shade Structure

If you are planning to use your outdoor space during the day in the summer months, then including a shade structure is a must. You can add a sail shade, pergola, or covered porch for more comfort. Retractable options are always a good idea as you may need shade during lunchtime but want to enjoy the sight of millions of stars at night. Think about adding rain protection as well. Make sure that your cooking area is covered as there are ways of cooking throughout the year that you cannot do indoors like grills and smores.

5. Consider Building Outdoor Rooms

Include outdoor spaces that have specific uses like entertaining, dining, cooking, or simply relaxing. Your Outdoor space is where you will practically live and it must showcase your personality as an individual. Think about the furniture as well. After all, there is nothing worse than seeing an outdoor patio with furniture that does not really fit in. For instance, if you wish to host, you need to ensure you have enough room for a large table, and a cushy, long sectional.

6. Incorporate Hardscape Options

Play around with hardscape sizes, textures, colors, and placement for an attractive look on vertical features as well as underfoot. You can also add a 3D effect to beaches, walls, and fire pits for depth, texture, and tactility. Design a pattern of small and large pavers with rims made of charcoal pebbles, or turn tumbled-stone pavers sideways for a magnificent backsplash effect. Your choices are truly endless when it comes to selecting the pattern.

7. Shine A Light

Adding beautiful light is the perfect way to add character as well as value to your space. You cannot really enjoy your outdoor decks and patios after hours if you cannot see clearly what is in front of you. Lighting along the walls, fire pits, and walls makes the pavers glow in the dark, thereby creating a rather inviting ambiance. You can also install path lights at the ends and every 6 feet along walkways for added safety.

To Sum It Up!

At JH & Co., we recommend most of our clients opt for easy-care materials so that they can spend more time enjoying themselves instead of worrying about wear and tear. Hardscape options such as stone and wood-look concrete call for less to no maintenance and usually last longer as opposed to wood or composite materials. Our team of experienced contractors and pavers work with you toward making the perfect outdoor patio for your family and friends to enjoy.

So, if you are planning to create a truly magnificent outdoor deck or patio, then get in touch with us today for more information about our projects and learn more about how we can create your dream Garden deck or patio.